Angel English Medium School, Tadkuwa Vyara

Support Staff

1) Mrs. Arunaben Gamit

2) Mrs. Swatiben Chaudhari

3) Mrs. Kanthaben Gamit

4) Mr. Shaileshbhai Gamit  

Other Faculty

1) Mrs. Vibha Bharti

2) Mrs. Fauziya  Shaikh

3) Mrs. Priyanka Gamit

4) Mrs. Vrushali Vasave

5) Mrs. Stafy Parmar


Gods leading has been so wonderful for the past ten years. There is always something to observe , Learn and appreciate. The purpose of education is to prepare the youth of today to face Tomorrows life and to train them to efficiently shoulder the responsibilities that fall open them.

The Youth need to develop a social awareness, an understanding of and commitment to the role they are expected to play in the society.

Only education can make youth  achieve and prepare them for a successful and rewarding life. Youth  need to be taught to look up and not down, to look forward and not back and  to look out and not  in.

I am sure when our children march out  of angel, they will take life in a constructive  manner and will  look beyond the road to success.  

Managing Trustee

In today’s modern busy world, one does not have a quite time to sit, think and appreciate fellow human beings.

Angel was started with a aim to provide quality education in this tribal area, so that the children get an opportunity to develop their ability to think and appreciate everything around them.

From a humble beginning in  April 2004 the school has been striving  hard to provide quality education and in  developing Children’s  ability to face life’s challengers without any fear or prejudice.

They have to conquer the unconquered by walking in the Lords footsteps.


1) Mr.Mahendrabhai Gamit

2) Mrs.Truptiben Gamit

3) Mrs. Nisha Vinoj

Class Teachers

1) Nursery  -   Mrs. Neha Gamit 

2) Jr.KG        -   Mrs. Archana  Gamit                           

3) Sr.KG       -   Mrs. Priyanka Pancholi 

4) Class  I    -   Mr. Samuel Gamit

5) Class  II   -   Mrs. Naynaben Gamit                            Mr. Abhijit Naik 

6) Class  III  -   Mr. Yohan Vasave

7) Class  IV  -   Mrs. Gangotri Gamit

8) Class   V  -   Mrs. Vaishali Rana

9) Class  VI  -   Mrs. Nisha Vinoj

10) Class VII -  Mr. Reuben Inbaraj

11) Class VIII - Mrs. Truptiben Gamit

12) Class  IX -  Mr. Stalin Murugan


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Managing Trustee

Mr. Stalin Murugan


Mrs. Jasmine Stalin