To provide children an opportunity to develop his or her ability to the fullest who will be committed to bring a just Society with a Strong Sense of Integrity.

Embark on the Angel Adventure

Whether you are a prospective student, a parent, or an educator looking for a dynamic and supportive environment, we invite you to be a part of the Angel family. Explore our website, schedule a visit, and discover firsthand the unique opportunities that await you at Angel English Medium School.

At Angel School, we believe in education that transforms lives, and we look forward to being a part of your educational journey.

Welcome to Angel English Medium School – Where Every Student’s Potential Takes Flight!

Excellence in Every Subject, Every Grade

Angel School follows the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) board curriculum. This globally recognized curriculum is known for its depth, offering a comprehensive and balanced approach to education. We aim not only to impart knowledge but to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning.


In His footsteps to Conquer the Unconquered.

Founded with Purpose, Growing with Passion

Angel School was founded with a purpose – to create an educational space where learning is a joyous experience. Over the years, we have grown with passion, adapting and evolving to meet the needs of our students in an ever-changing world.Type your paragraph here.

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Our Mission

A Community that Cares

Angel School is not just a learning space; it’s a community where students feel safe, valued, and supported. Our experienced faculty and staff are dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere where each student can thrive.

Building Proficiency, Bridging Horizons

With English as the medium of instruction, Angel School places a strong emphasis on building language proficiency. Proficient communication in English is a valuable skill, and we believe it opens doors to limitless opportunities in an interconnected world.

Our Vision

Welcome to Angel English Medium School, a place where education meets inspiration, and young minds embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and excellence. Established with a vision to provide a holistic and empowering learning environment, Angel School is more than just an institution; it’s a community committed to nurturing the potential within each student.Type your paragraph here.

From Early Years to Secondary Excellence

  • Junior and Senior Kindergarten (Jr. K.G. and Sr. K.G.): Our journey with students begins in the early years, where we provide a nurturing foundation for lifelong learning. Through play, exploration, and engagement, we lay the groundwork for intellectual and emotional development.
  • Standards 1 to 10: As students progress through elementary and middle school, we continue to uphold a commitment to academic excellence. Our curriculum, aligned with the ICSE board standards, emphasizes a well-rounded education that goes beyond textbooks.

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Safe And Supportive Environment

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English Medium Education

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